Legal Moneylender in Singapore


Credit Excel is a licensed moneylender that specifically specializes in providing personal loans to both locals and foreigners.

We do not have fanciful products or complicated packages to conceal hidden charges or exorbitant interests that you cannot afford. Instead, our professional cash loan officers are trained to design a direct solution to your problems where repayment remains manageable and affordable.

Being Singapore’s leading Moneylender that has been in operations since 2009, we understand that there are many problems in life that cannot be anticipated and such problems often require immediate attention.

As such we always ensure that your application remains hassle free and that your loan is approved and processed as quick as possible.

With our wide array of resources, Credit Excel will always be able to assess each individual application submitted online and grant an approval in principle almost instantaneously. Putting cash advance in your pocket has never been as convenient as submitting our user-friendly online application form with same day approval and loan processing.

Being an industry-leading Moneylender, Credit Excel has helped countless customers secure cash when they need it the most. From business expenditures to personal spending, there are never any restrictions on how and when to spend your money. Simply apply online and receive timely loans for all your expenses. With competitive interest rates, our loan packages simply surpass the competition. If you are facing financial issues, choose a Moneylender you can trust.

With fast cash loan approvals and even same day loans, you never have to worry about cash flow problems again. If you need cash in advance, take advantage of our Moneylender services today.


Instant Approval Loan


Credit Excel offers Instant Approval on personal loans at your convenience.

Getting at instant approval loan that can give you immediate cash at your moment of urgency has never been so easy. As a legal financial institution, our Moneylenders understand all your financial needs and concerns. As a result, we have expedited the loan process, which allows you to receive fast cash within your required time and affordable budget.

While bank loans, finance companies, and other lenders charge costly interest rates, our rates are designed around your financial commitment. There are never any hidden fees, and our specifically trained and experienced cash loan officers are always ready to assist and answer your every need.

If you are strapped for cash, we offer short-term solutions to alleviate your financial tension. With a payday loan, personal loan, or foreigner loan, you have greater spending power and financial security.

At Credit Excel, we are committed to helping Singaporeans and foreigners with a range of legal loans. Whether you need extra cash for office, payroll, or personal expenses, let our experts’ tide you over with quick, hassle free and urgent loan services. Even customers with bad credit can still be eligible for loans. To experience the difference, contact Credit Excel or visit our office today.